Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors Reviews & Buying Guide

We all know that kids love to do gaming monitors all the time. Among the kids and teenage group boys, putting them in the habit of gaming is one of their favourite pastime hobbies. In all such conditions, they try to search for better accessories that can end up their gaming fun even more exciting and entertaining to play it all around.

In all such accessories, how can we miss out on mentioning the name of gaming monitors? Accessible in so many varieties, designs, and types, you will be coming across so many options in the category of gaming monitors. So here we are offering you the list of best gaming monitors to choose the best one!

1. Dell S2417DG

Dell’s S2417DG is somehow taken to be one of the outstanding options inside the marketplaces. These gaming monitors have been all set aside with the above-average 1440p resolution. This is for the main reason that it would be attending with the quality sharper images. It is somehow ultra-portable. It does even carry out with the coverage that would be making it completely protective from the scratches as well as lines.  The 165Hz refresh rates hence would let the things be running buttery smooth.

It has been offered with the single cable data as well all along with the power transmission too. It has been offered with much efficient signal transmission. It has been adjusted with the external hardware. It does have the ability by which it would be offering away with the ability to connect to a desktop or notebook utilizing a USB2.0 port.  It is convenient and light in weight to make it place in any area of the house. It has a 15.6-inch screen size to be all set with a resolution of 1920×1080.


  • It is one of the perfect options for gaming monitors. It has been adjusted with the graphic card all along with the perfect harmony of the monitoring.
  • Its major drawback is in the range of the ultra-low motion blur mode that hence helps away as to reduce motion blur, as it dims the brightness more than you would have expected around.
  • It would make your offer away with the headset form of jack and so as the 2 HDMI category of ports at its back.
  • Its major drawback is that it does not come away with the internal setting of the battery and hence does not consume any power of the PS4.
  • It has the general Sync.
  • It has the addition of a thin bezel.
  • It is much more affordable.
  • Its G-Sync requires an Nvidia card.

2. BenQ EX3501R ($850)

BenQ EX3501R is another brilliant set of examples that have been meant for the gaming monitors set of lovers. This monitor has been all rather installed with the 35-inches of HDR beauty that would be resulting in attending with the high quality of the results.  It would hence be reading away with the ambient room lighting and so it even adjusts the screen brightness to suit.

This device has been also accessible with the classy form of the free bezels. It has a clear display by delivering out with the high quality of the performance set up.  You will view that it has been offered away with the responsive 10 points set of the projected capacitive form of technology all along with the durable display that would be giving you the chance to swipe, zoom, as well as tap, and pinch the images. It also comes out with the feature of the IPS (in-plane switching) technology which would let the screen deliver a clean clear liquid crystal display.


  • It has been rather fueled up with AMD’s FreeSync tech that even removes screen tearing and in the end, it will be improving the smoothness of the images.
  • It has an easy-to-access control system with an ultra-wide solution for granting high-quality picture work.
  • You can also make use of the USB monitor adapter to hence plugin portable gaming monitors straight away into the devices.
  • It is delivered away with a 1366×768 resolution and also offers a 720p display. It has the amazing setting of the framing design that is packed in black colour.
  • It has the access of being AMD freesync.
  • It is immersive.
  • It has an awful menu.
  • It does not cater to Nvidia users.

3. ASUS MB 169C+ – USB Portable Gaming Monitors

They are competitive enough in delivering high-quality portable gaming monitors.  MB 169C+ is namely known to be the world’s premium portable monitor that has been readily accessible straight away into the USB type C-connector. As its portable variations synchronize and then make it get to connect with any range of the futuristic technology is significantly somehow increased.

It is somehow ultra-portable. It does even carry out with the coverage that would be making it completely protective from the scratches as well as lines.  It is accessible all through the range of the 1600 x 900 resolutions all along with the matte screen and 90 degrees horizontal and so as with the 50 degrees vertical viewing angles. It also comprises a USB port that is used for the sake of both power and data transfer.  The only drawback of this device is that it does not make use of an excellent display panel.


  • The styling and designing of the monitor have been all done in the aesthetic view that is carried away with unique features. The flicker-free set of the screen did have the ability as to where there has been witnessed with the ability to diminish the emission of blue light into the core reason.
  • These gaming monitors have been offered out with a 15.6-inch screen size in the medium of the full High Definition resolution of 1920*1080.
  • It has been also introduced with the IPS technology that would make you let view the screen into a wide view of the angle with zero sets of distortion. It is namely known to be the lightest portable in the world being accessible inside the marketplaces.
  • It has been placed into the smart casing that is best to make it look attractive to others. It has the amazing high definition quality with the reduced set of the blue light emission as this would let you adjust the crosshair options at the best.
  • It is much lighter in weight and has been stated to be very comfortable to use.
  • This monitor serves well and is best for the sake of travellers.
  • It is standing out to be compatible for both business and so as leisure purposes.
  • You cannot make use of it with the Type A and also with the Type C adapters.
  • It uses the USB type-C G2 port for the sake of connecting which is the native onboard USB port.
  • An indigent form of image quality is part of this product.

Gaming Monitors

4. Acer Predator XB241H

It has been all put together with the setting of being sleek in terms of the styling modes. It is all aimed at producing away with the speedy set of the refreshing taste and hence adding the input of the lag figures. It has been all the more installed on with rather some of the standardized set of the features which you would love to attend all the time.

This is a stylish designed curved form of the monitor. This monitor was designed for the purpose to know whether the style of the curve worked as well on a smaller screen as it does on larger ones. But it does not! It was muchly more suitable found for gaming monitors purposes. It is reasonable in price rates that are easily beating up the market and the rest of the competitive product options.  It has been carried out with much colour accuracy and so as brightness.


  • They are readily accessible in the cost range of around $50. It is much easier in terms to maintain at the rate of around 1080p.
  • We would surely be making it known as a great investment. It has amazing graphics power with the high-definition set of the display arrangement. You would be finding it best for gaming monitors and so for business purposes too.
  • You should buy this monitor now as it is accessible at reasonable rates. It is namely known to be the lightest portable in the world being accessible inside the marketplaces.
  • It has been placed into the smart casing that is best to make it look attractive to others.
  • It is a G-sync.
  • It has the feature of being high refresh.
  • It is granted with the protection of eye protection.
  • It is pricey.
  • It is better in favour of competitive games.

5. ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q

ASUS ROG SWIFT is standing at the next of the list! This option is turning out to be simply unbeatable inside the marketplaces. By making use of this monitor you would be able to hence come across the business-related form of the tasks without any sort of trouble. This monitor is readily accessible with the feature of the plug and plays and does not need any sort of driver installation as well.

This device has been offering unique features to both exterior and interior variations.  This device has been added with the range of 14 inches in terms of size, all along with the 38mm form of thick and comes in the range of covering dimension that is around 3mm thick. You will be finding it all covered with the ravin-black base frame along with the thin bezel.  This device has been provided with a dimension of around 1366 x 768 screen resolution all along with the 262k bright colours and so as with the 200cd/m2 brightness capacity.


  • It has been all set with the 15.6-inch screen along with the attractive black-coloured panel that has been best supported by built-in speakers. The screen resolution is counted to be almost *768.
  • You can enjoy the zero lagging features all along with the help of TN panel technology. It is much easy to use. Even for gaming monitors, you can take this monitor as one of the best options.
  • It is secure and robust with its construction as well.
  • You will be finding it to be all attached with the bezels that have been rather comprised of the dynamic contrasts for offering higher-end products.
  • It has a screen display that is rather easily accessible out.
  • It can be done all through the use of the clickable joystick on the top of the back of the monitor. Navigating it is a dream.
  • It grants you access to amazing picture quality.
  • It has high-resolution colours.
  • It is expensive.

How to choose the Best Gaming Monitor? Buying Guide Tips

While you are on your search mission for the best gaming monitors, a few elements in a monitor can bring a huge impact on your gaming images or videos. And those elements need to be kept in mind during your purchasing task.  To help you a bit, let’s guide you with some helpful buying guide tips below:

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is about the height and width of the image which is part of your display. The majority of the monitors are having a 4:3 aspect ratio which is not suitable for any digital photo photography or editing. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose a monitor with an aspect ratio of around 16:10.  Larger gaming monitors with a screen display of 20 inches are available with a 16:9 aspect ratio.


The next most important element is the backlight which equally plays an important role in excellent photography results. LED and LCD are two different concepts upon which the image quality of your PC is depending upon. For digital photo editing, LED will deliver brighter and sharper results as compared to LCD.

Colour Gamut

For perfect photo editing, you should search for a wide-gamut monitor. These gaming monitors are having thousands of colour options inside their palate. This huge collection of colour effects is ideal for all those people who are initially working with 16 or 14-bit RAW files. Apart from it, you should look for a monitor that is based upon an 8-bit lookup table as well as in-Plane Switching.

Contrast Ratio

Through the feature of contrast ratio, you will be able to check the colour brightness of your images on the display screen. If the number is higher, the contract level will be better. In any monitor, having a contrast ratio is a basic necessity to know picture quality.

Size or Resolution

Last but not least is the size of your monitor which depends on your personal preferences. Nevertheless, it is always necessary to look for a monitor with a larger screen display to have an excellent view of your image. 27-inch monitors do have 2,560 x 1,440 resolution with which you can handle around 20 MP images.

If you are not tight on your budget, then you can choose a 4K monitor which is an excellent option for photography experts.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. Which is the ideal monitor for your gaming?

For your photography, BenQ SW2700PT is the best monitor which we will highly recommend.  This monitor is reasonably priced with a 27-inch display screen for excellent photography. It is fully packed with some photo-friendly features.

2. Are IPS much-needed for the best photo editing?

These IPS panels are known for their innate superior colour reproduction. Any monitor with an IPS panel will produce a better quality of photo-editing results as compared to a monitor with one IPS panel.

3. Is an HDR monitor best for your photo editing?

If in case you are working as a photo editor or as a content creator, then choosing a gaming monitor with an HDR display should be your priority. HDR supports high brightness and extensive colour space for your photos.

4. Can you use gaming monitors for photo editing?

Yes, you can! There are different models of Dell which are equally used for gaming and photo editing. The difference might come across in the response time which can be low during gaming activities.

5. Are curved PC gaming monitors best for photography?

To get high-quality immersive visuals, we will recommend you to choose curved gaming monitors which are mostly available with ultra-wide 21:9 displays.


So what are you waiting for? If you find all these best gaming monitors according to your budget and requirements, then without any single delay, pick the best out of them all. Let your kid have all the fun and entertainment while playing their favourite game!


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