5 Top Rated Best Wireless Earbuds For Apple Watch

The most luxurious and popular smartwatch on the market is Apple Watch. Everyone knows about it. It is a small version of the iPhone on your wrist. With this small wearable device, you can make and take phone calls. This small wearable gadget can be easily paired with pocket-size wireless earbuds.

So many wireless earbuds have been tested while walking around the town, working out, and just lying on the bed so we can decide which works best with Apple Watch.

Here are the top five best wireless earbuds for Apple Watch that you can buy:

1.     Apple AirPods Pro


Company Name: Apple Inc

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Price: $249 ($179.99 sale price on Amazon)

Perhaps the most hyped wireless earbuds by Apple Inc. is the AirPods Pro, which undoubtedly has pretty amazing features compared to other versions of AirPods.  It is the brand that you can trust if you already own an Apple Watch.

Reasons why people love it?

Apple AirPods and Apple Watch: Better Together

AirPods are the ideal mate for the Apple Watch. We advise the combo to anyone who already owns Apple gadgets since they give you much more control than you would have if you only had one of the devices. You can listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and content on your Apple Watch.

H2 Chip

The latest Apple-designed H2 chip is the real factor behind the cutting-edge sound performance, smarter noise cancellation, efficient battery life, and three-dimensional sound. This tiny chip works with the amplifier and custom-built driver to reduce distortion and deliver deep, rich, and clear high notes for an extraordinary listening experience.

Wireless charging

The company sells AirPods in two types of cases: wired charging cases and MagSafe technology-compatible cases. Most consumers prefer charging without cords as it is convenient and cost-effective.

Sweat and water resistant

Regular gym goers who already use the Apple Watch to keep track of their fitness prefer investing their money in AirPods because it will let you enjoy your intense workout session without worrying that your sweat can damage the earbuds.

Reasons to avoid

  • Less battery life.
  • You can get similar sound and quality at the same price.
  • The in-ear design causes discomfort.
  • The AirPods often fall out of the ear.

2.     Beats Fit Pro Kim K Edition

Company Name: Beats By Dre

Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Bluetooth, Apple H1 Chip, NFC

Price: $199.99 on Amazon

The noise-canceling earbuds with superb sound quality and loved by celebs and sports enthusiasts is Apple-made Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds originally launched in black, white, sage gray, and stone purple color. They are the AirPods for sports you have always desired. And for some people, they might even outperform the AirPods Pro. With a decent listening time of 6 hours and extended battery life, Beats Fit Pro is a good investment for Apple Watch lovers.

Reasons why people love it?

Modern design

The water-resistant Beats Fit Pro is designed for all ear sizes and comes with secure fit wingtips for extra comfort while you move all day long. It comes with three silicone eartip options that allow users to find the right size. It has active noise canceling feature and dynamic head tracking for a multidimensional music experience.

It comes in nude colors too

Have you ever seen earbuds that come in neutral skin-tone colors? Apple partnered with the reality T.V. celeb Kim K and recently launched Beats Fir Pro earbuds in three nude colors promoting earbuds as an everyday product. If you are a Kardashian fan and want your earbuds to blend in with your skin tone, these nude-hued Special Edition earbuds are for you.

Apple H1 headphone chip

These earbuds include Apple’s proprietary H1 chip for fast pairing with Apple devices, just like AirPods. This feature ensures fewer dropouts and an extended range. However, they also function amazingly great when paired with Android.

Reasons to avoid

  • An expensive option.
  • Cannot be charged wirelessly.
  • Most H1 features work only for Apple devices.
  • The case is big in size.

3.     Treblab X3 Pro

Company Name: Treblab

Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0

Price: $69.97 ($55 sale price on Amazon)

The Treblab X3 Pro earbuds can seemly connect to Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch, and don’t offer biased sound performance to any platform device. It has a gym-focused design and delivers Hi-Fi sound quality that lets you focus on your workout without being distracted by outside noise.

Reasons why people love it?


Comfortable ear hook-style design

It is nearly impossible to lose your Treblab X3 Pro earbuds as they don’t slip out of your ear because of their ergonomic earhook design that lets you run and engage in playful activities. Plus, they come with three different sizes of silicone earbud tips for adjustability. 

Long listening and battery time

These earbuds have a long listening time of up to 9 hours and 36 hours of battery which means you can be with your favorite music for a longer period of time.


These running earbuds are a great attempt at providing true wireless earbuds for sports enthusiasts under $100. The design inspiration has been taken from PowerBeats Pro, which costs $199.95, but Treblab is a more affordable option.

Reasons to avoid

  • Looks big in size.
  • Causes discomfort when tapping the center button.

4.     Bowers & Wilkins PI5


Company Name: Bowers & Wilkins (B&W)

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Price: $249 ($194.95 sale price on Amazon)

If you are looking for high-end luxurious earbuds, famed British loudspeaker designers Bowers & Wilkins is your best bet. Available in white and black color with golden due, the PI5 earbuds come with a sky-high price tag of $249, making them a direct competitor to the AirPods.

Reasons why people love it?

IP54 rating 

The PI5 model by Bowers & Wilkins is an IP54 rate, meaning they will be protected against limited water and a bit of sweat.

Ambient mode

These days, most earbuds and headphones have an ‘ambient mode’ feature that lets you listen to the surrounding noise when you need to.

Hybrid noise cancellation

The company has installed its sophisticated noise cancellation technology in its earbuds. The key idea is to place a microphone on the exterior body of the earbuds, which collects external acoustic noise and minimizes it so that it doesn’t interfere with the sound quality.

100% wire-free charging

You can charge these earbuds on the go as they can be charged on any charging pad. Fifteen minutes inside the casing is sufficient to power 2 hours of noise-canceling listening.

Reasons to avoid

  • Thick, chunky design.
  • Battery life needs to be improved.
  • Expensive than rivals offering similar features.
  • Does not have EQ customization.

5.     Skullcandy Indy Earbuds 


Company Name: Skullcandy

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Price: $37.92 on Amazon

In these financially challenging times, more and more people look for wearable tech that balances performance and cost. You can get more features for less money with Skullcandy Indy wireless earbuds within just $40.

Reasons why people love it?

Long battery life

These wireless earbuds have a battery life of 16 hours which is higher than all of the wireless options discussed above.

IP55 ingress protection

These earbuds are not fully dust-tight, but they are IP55 certified, which makes them water, sweat, and dust-proof to a certain extent, as dust and water can interfere with the functioning of the earbuds.


Skullcandy is popular for making fashion-forward, super cheap wireless earbuds for casual listening. The Skullcandy Indy earbuds are a great option for people who cannot afford expensive wireless earbuds but want to enjoy their workout.

Reasons to avoid

  • They are not waterproof.
  • The sound quality is mediocre.
  • The body is made from low-quality plastic.
  • Re-pairing to another device is difficult sometimes.
  • Does not support aptX.
  • Overemphasized bass that sounds extra boomy.

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