How To Clean Beats Headphone?

If you have a pair of Beats headphones, you already know how fantastically they do their job. But do you know that keeping your headphones clean is essential as the skin cells, dirt buildup, earwax, and sebum can cause stickiness and bad smell which is gross and can lead to an ear infection? The side effect of these sticky headphones is that they’ll pick up more dust every time you put them down.

The good news is that cleaning your beats headphones would be fairly easy if you read this article till the end. Here are some effective tips that you can follow to clean your Beats by Dre headphones so that they look and sound the best.

Materials needed to clean Beats headphones

  • Disinfecting or baby wipes
  • Microfiber soft cleaning cloth
  • Cotton swabs
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Liquid laundry detergent (optional)

Simple steps to clean Beats headphones

  • Disconnect

Turn off your Beats earphones and disconnect them from all the paired devices.

  • Remove the ear cushions

Begin by removing any detachable equipment like round ear cushions that are usually made of silicone. You can easily peel off these ear covers using your hands. You can soak them in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes if they have deep stains and dirt. Rinse them with water and allow the pair of cushions to air dry completely.

  • Clean the outer exterior

Slightly dampen a lint-free cloth to wipe down the exterior body of the ear cups and the headset. You can also use the cloth you use to clean your sunglasses or camera lens for this purpose. Ensure the electrical openings don’t come in contact with the soapy liquid as it could damage the headphones.

  • Final touches

Rinse and wring out the fabric with tap water and wipe your Beats headphones for one last time.  Use a dry microfiber cloth and allow them to dry fully before using them.


How should I clean my Beats headphones after a workout?

All gym-goers sweat during an intense workout so it’s best to keep cleaning wipes in your trainer bag. Use them right after the exercise to clean away the sweat, sebum, and any bad odor.

What materials should I avoid to clean my Beats headphones?

You should not use the following materials to clean your Beats headphones:

  • Any cleaning liquid containing even the smallest quantity of hydrogen peroxide or bleach.
  • Household cleaners, window cleaners, or aerosol sprays.
  • Abrasive cleaning supplies like paper towels and scrubs with harsh fibers.
  • Compressed air.

How can I keep my Beats headphones odorless?

Keep your Beats headphones odorless by placing paper bag silica gel packets inside the ear cushions once you put them down after use. These little magical bags are drying agents and will control the humidity by absorbing moisture and removing the smell of sweat.


No matter which brand’s headphones you are using, keeping them safe and clean is essential as it will improve their life span. From the abovementioned details, you can now see that taking proper care of your Beats headphones is not hard. You just need to follow the right steps.

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