How To Print Business Cards On Epson Printer?

You may need a business card for a number of reasons. Professionals and business owners need decent-quality business cards to build a professional image. A business card is the least expensive marketing tool that professionals can use to build credibility in their respective markets. Having a professional-looking business card not only wow potential clients but also demonstrates professionalism.

Printing business cards at a low cost without compromising quality is a bit challenging but if you own a good quality home printer, you can easily print your business cards without spending an arm and leg. This guide provides you with detailed instructions on how to print high-quality business cards using an Epson printer.

FAQs About Epson Printers

Can I print business cards with Epson printers?

Yes. The machine can easily handle thick printing papers and card sheet types which are usually used for business cards. With an Epson printer, you can easily print on 14 Pt cardstock and 16 Pt cardstock which is the industry standard for printing durable business cards.

Are they economical?

Yes. Epson printers are best known for having pro-quality printing capabilities at an affordable price. Also, their inks and spare parts are widely available in the market at low costs, making them the top choice.

How to design business cards at home?

Free design tools such as Canva and Microsoft Word allow users to create custom business cards without the need to have a good grip on designing. Most people prefer Canva as its paid version comes with a huge range of sophisticated-looking business card designs. All you need to do is edit them, and you’re good to go. If you need more tools and features then Adobe Illustrator is another graphic design application that is ideal for designing premium-quality business cards.


Which Epson printer is best for printing business cards?

Epson ET-8500, Epson ET-85508, Epson SureColor P700, Epson Stylus Photo r320, and Epson EcoTank ET inkjet printers are some of the best printers for printing business cards. The SureColor P700 machine prints on cardstock of up to 325gsm while the ET models can print up to 800 gsm (1.5mm).

How to print business cards using Epson printers?

Here is a step-by-step guide to printing your own attractive business card using an Epson printer.

  1. Purchase the right business card

Before you buy the paper for business cards check your printer’s maximum cardstock weight. Generally, business cards are printed on an 80lb cover weight. If you want a more durable solution then go for 110 lb. Know that thick cardstock may cause your printer to jam or produce flaking images. It is preferred to get your business cards printed on at least 14-point cardstock (1 point =1/1000 of an inch). You can go up to 20 points.

  1. Decide what information to include

The next step is to decide what to include in the business card and style it. Most people add their name, organization title, logo, address, and contact details like phone number, email, and fax. You can also add your website and business hours to make it look more professional.

  1. Design your business card

Now that you’ve finally conceptualized your business card, it’s time to design it using designing software like Microsoft Word or Canva.

  1. Microsoft Word

Most people who do not know how to design business cards on complex software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator take help from Microsoft Word as it has numerous business card templates. Open the software and select New from the Menu bar and select Business Cards (as shown below in Figure no. 1). Make sure that the business card template you use matches the layout you’ve selected on your PC.

  1. B) Canva

Canva is another great online tool that you must check for your marketing needs. With Canva, you can also design your social media posts, brochures, business cards, and letterheads. The good news is that you can get access to extra features with the paid version like saving your logo and brand scheme etc. However, even with the free option you can create appealing color schemes for your business cards.

Figure 2

  1. Print using an Epson printer

Now insert the business carts in the provided feeder of the printer. Click on Ctrl + P on Microsoft Word and choose the number of copies you want to print. Finally, select Print.

  1. Cut and clean the edges

Your business cards will be printed together in the form of 6 or more. You need to precisely cut them one after another. You can also use sandpaper to clean and smoothen the sharp edges of the business cards.

Can I print double-sided business cards with Epson printers?

Yes. You cannot print double-sided business cards if you have an old model, but new printers support duplex printing, allowing users to print both sides.

Key takeaway

Epson printer is a great investment for anyone who wants to print documents, postcards, letters, and business cards at home without paying a hefty price. While you can use any printer to print your business cards, we recommend using printers by Epson as its advanced technology works best for cardstock printing on an economical budget.


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